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Wall tiles

Wall tiles

Wall tiles of a wall is usually done with tiles, which are flat pieces of little thickness.

They are obtained by preparing a composition of purified raw materials made with clays, silicas, fluxes, dyes and other raw materials. The clays used in the composition of the support can be red paste or white paste. Although we can also find coatings in natural stone and porcelain.

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  • Red body

    This Tile or cladding red body can be used to clad the wall.

  • White body

    The Tile or cladding can be used to clad the wall.

  • Porcelain tiles

    The Tile or cladding porcelain tile can be used both for the wall. Also, thanks to the fact that it does not absorb moisture and its thermal resistance, the porcelain tiles can be used both indoors and outdoors.

  • Natural stone