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Maintenance and Properties of Natural Stone and Stone imitation Porcelain

piedra naturalpiedra natural

Natural stone is a building material that has been used for centuries, as well as with porcelain tiles. Both materials are known for their beauty and durability, which is why they are still very popular in modern architecture. Although these materials are resistant, it is essential to follow some steps to maintain the appearance and quality, especially in the case of the natural product.



porcelánico imitacion piedrapiedra natural

These products have unique characteristics that make them desirable in construction. Natural stone forms through sedimentation, heat, and pressure, and is highly resistant. On the other hand, porcelain is a type of refined ceramic that is produced by firing at high temperatures. Both are durable and porcelain is also resistant to humidity.


Natural stone and porcelain need to be kept clean and free of debris. For this, it is recommended, in the case of porcelain tiles, to clean the piece regularly with soap and water. When dealing with natural stone, it is important to apply a waterproofing treatment. Returning to porcelain, it is important to clean the joints between the tiles to prevent dirt from accumulating. You can also polish natural stone to restore its original shine or seal porous surfaces to prevent staining.

There are waterproofing products on the market that are designed to treat different types of natural products, such as stone. These products can also apply a protective or non-slip layer, depending on the formulation chosen. The aim is to avoid the penetration of water, oils and other liquids on the surface of the stone and to prevent the appearance of stains or material deterioration. Therefore, the use of these products is recommended to protect the surface of the stone from the elements and increase its useful life. However, it is important to take into account the specifications of the product to be used and check its compatibility with the stone on which it is to be applied. Pre-testing in small, not-to-be-seen areas is recommended before general application.


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In addition to having long-lasting properties, with natural stone and porcelain tiles you can achieve aesthetically very attractive effects. For example, assorted patterns and colors can be used to create unique designs. Different finishes, such as polished or matte, can also be used to give the stone a different appearance.


To keep natural stone and porcelain in good condition, it is important to follow some practical advice. We recommend seeking subject matter experts to help with projects. If these tips are followed, natural stone and porcelain can be a long-lasting and beautiful investment in any home or property, giving that rustic look you are looking for in any area, both indoors and outdoors, where you want to use them.