What is Porcelain tile?

What is Porcelain tile?



Porcelain tile is a type of compact paste tile that is achieved by pressing substances such as clay, sand, minerals or gravel. It is baked in the oven at a temperature between 1200-1400Cº until it reaches a non-porous vitrification layer that makes it waterproof.



Porcelain tile offers countless advantages over other types of floors and here, we detail some of them.

1.       Impermeability. As we have already mentioned, porcelain tile has a non-porous layer that makes it waterproof, which means that it has zero water absorption and, therefore, shows better resistance to weather conditions. That is why this type of flooring is suitable for being placed both outdoors and indoors, including kitchens and bathrooms.

2.      Durability and resistance. It is a hard material with high resistance to the passage of time, bumps and scratches. This is why it is a highly suitable material for large surfaces with high traffic of people; hospitals, shopping malls, hotels, etc.

3.      Versatility. Thanks to the characteristics of this material, large format and thin thickness pieces can be manufactured. In addition, it is a highly moldable material and ideal for creating pieces that imitate other materials such as wood, cement or marble, which allows you to place what you like best with the advantages of porcelain.

4.      Easy maintenance. Being resistant to stains and acids, cleaning is very simple and practical.



porcelánico aspecto hidráulico

If you want to give your home a touch of colour, original and different, we present you with a hydraulic look porcelain tile that can go both on the wall and on the floor, both indoors and outdoors.



porcelánico aspecto cemento

That's right, if you like the industrial style, a cement-look floor will be the option that will make you fall in love.



Porcelánico aspecto mármol

If you want a porcelain stoneware floor with a marble effect, a matt or glossy floor, but with the typical waters of marble.



Porcelánico aspecto madera

Are you looking for a floor that gives warmth to your home? We present you a piece of imitation wood porcelain stoneware that will not leave anyone indifferent.


You see, porcelain stoneware floors provide a wide range of advantages, making it an option to take into account in any reform, work or rehabilitation. And, in addition, they adapt to the aesthetics that you want to give to your home.

Porcelánico Pulido
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