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Resin shower trays

Resin shower trays

Resin shower trays

Plato de ducha de resina

If what you want for your bathroom is a long-lasting shower tray with a good visual appearance, resin shower trays will perfectly meet your needs. This type of shower tray is made from polyester resins and mineral fillers such as quartz, dolomites, alumina, calcium carbonates and marble; finishes on a surface of Sanitary Gel Coat anti-bacteria and zero water absorption, hardness on the Barcol scale, resistance to scratching and temperature variations.


Resin shower trays have been a revolution in the sector, because they are the first that have managed to combine aesthetics and functionality without sacrificing quality and price. In this sense, we offer a wide variety of resin plates at a good price, but always ensuring the highest quality. All the resin plates that we have are nationally manufactured, subjected to rigorous manufacturing processes that guarantee the duration of the product. In addition, you will be interested to know that all shower trays are under the non-slip class C3, to avoid the typical slip. Another of the relevant characteristics of these resin shower trays is the gel coat treatment that covers them, ensuring waterproofing and facilitating cleaning by acting as an antibacterial.

 Platos de ducha de resina

Within the resin shower trays, we have 2 types of textures available: smooth texture and slate texture... This texture will depend on the mold with which the tray is made, but it never alters the characteristics or qualities of the composition of the shower trays. shower trays, so it does not compromise its quality.


Drain valve included.

With the purchase of one of these trays, a high flow drain valve is included. It is a safety drain valve, as it is screwed to a collar with 3 screws, in addition to the trim grille made of steel or the same color as the tray that is superimposed on the tray.


    Cortar un plato de ducha de resina.

Cortar plato de ducha de resina

Resin shower trays can be easily cut with a radial fitted with a diamond blade.



    Maintenance of the resin shower tray

Limpieza de platos de ducha de resina

The resin and mineral filled trays are very easy to clean, just use a damp cloth and/or sponge with soap and water. It is not recommended to use abrasive products with alcohol, solvents, scouring pads... Until it is installed, it must be kept extended in a horizontal position on a wide base.


   How to install a resin shower tray

1- Unpack the Shower Tray with extreme caution to avoid accidents and possible damage to the shower tray.

2- Measure where the drain is located on the tray and mark it on the ground, then we will correct the drain outlet to which we are going to connect the shower tray with the valve to locate it in the new measurement that the tray presents.

3- Prepare a smooth cement or mortar base that is perfectly level, since the unevenness for the drain is already included in the shower tray.

4- Once the mortar base has dried completely, we will place the tray by first applying a few strips of polyurethane putty or glue cement to our mortar base. If we place the tray with fresh cement or mortar, when it sets it can curve the tray, rendering it unusable.

5- The shower tray must be embedded in the work; that is, the tiles must be mounted 1 or 2 cm above the shower tray, to avoid leaks, then we will seal the joint between the installed element and the tiles with a joint sealer in the same color as our resin platform.


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