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Porcelain tiles 2 cm thick

Porcelain tiles 2 cm thick



Depending on the material to be installed and its thickness, in this case the 20 mm thick models can be installed dry, without the need for mortar or adhesives.

Azulejo 2 cm de espesor

Dry installation is possible on the following elements:

• Plots • Gravel • Grass • Sand


This type of placement is an adhesive technique for paving with vehicle traffic, commercial and industrial places, access ramps to garages, etc.


The advantages of this type of placement are the following:

• Withstands high traffic stresses.

• Does not absorb stains; Cleans easily, even with a pressure hose.



Porcelain is an ideal material to install on facades due to

its low water absorption.


These are the types of facade systems that can be installed:

• Visible staple. • Hidden staple. • Encapsulated anchor. • Chemical anchoring.

The advantages of this type of placement are the following:

• Acoustic isolation. • Energy isolation. • Impermeability.



The plots are pieces for quick placement of 2 cm thick tiles, they are also ecological and of a high aesthetic level. Installation with plots does not require mortar, glues or adhesives and the space is immediately passable and easily removable.



Final cleaning of work: After installation, it is essential to carry out a good cleaning in order to eliminate grout residues and, in general, dirt from the work. For this operation we recommend the use of a slightly acidic detergent that does not give off toxic fumes and respects the joints, the material and the user, such as FILADETERDEK. In the case of material placed with an epoxy or resin-based joint, it is advisable to carry out the final cleaning of the work with a specific cleaner for epoxy residues, such as FILACR10.


Maintenance: For good floor maintenance, it is advisable to use a neutral detergent with high cleaning power such as FILACLEANER. In cases of intense and embedded dirt accumulated over time, it is advisable to consult the diagram below to find the ideal Fila product for each situation.


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